Marcello Bonanno is an Italian pianist and composer specialized in instrumental music, mainly for piano solo or ensemble with piano.

His language spans across 20th century European avant-garde, post-minimalism and neoclassicism, as well as contemporary jazz style.

Marcello has also developed a layer-composing piano style based on the overlapping tracks typical of commercial electronic music that employs the acoustic instrument traditionally played with no electronic effects or over-recording.

In this complex linguistic-structural base Marcello Bonanno always seeks the cantabile character of the Italian tradition.

Each composition is a message derived from a reflection the author wants to transmit to the audience with respect and truthfulness in a quest for beauty.

"A rich, magmatic writing, full of extra-musical references, informed by exciting meditations on sound, from its physical connotations to its symbolic dimension, and which resolves piano and compositional virtuosity in a surprising and never banal simplicity of listening." [Art Vibes]

"In his style, the avant-gardes of the twentieth century, from Bartók to Ligeti, from Nancarrow to minimalism, meet jazz and computer music. All shaped according to an idea of ​​order [...] and an attention to melody, in balance on the edge of a tonalism that often transcends, floating in a fascinating indefiniteness where classic and modern blend and mingle". [Rockerilla]